About Us

Rug Cleaning SydneyWelcome to rug cleaning Sydney. There are so many different types and styles of rugs out in the market today and we have the correct procedures to clean them.

Every rug is assessed and cleaned individually according to the type and construction of the rug. We use traditional methods along with modern technology, cleaning solutions and the latest equipment to produce amazing results.

Rug cleaning Sydney is based on the northern beaches with a purpose built plant to wash and dry all types of rugs including oriental rugs, Persian rugs, silk rugs, shag rugs, wool rugs, Chinese rugs, Afghan rugs, acrylic rugs and cotton rugs.

If your rug has pet wee, don’t worry we can fully submerge your rug in our bath with a special urine treatment that will kill the bacteria that causes that unpleasant odour, leaving you area rug fresh and no trace of the smell.

Caring for your rugs

You should vacuum your rugs at least once a week, turn over your rug and vacuum the back first this will beat out dust and fine particles that will cause fibre damage. Turn over the rug and vacuum again, do not use any powder cleaning products this will damage the rug.

If your rug has fringes be extra careful not to get it caught up in your vacuum cleaner.
Rotate your area rug fortnightly to prevent un even wear.

If you have any spills on your rug make sure they are mopped up immediately , use a clean white fabric towel a keep blotting the area this will slowly absorb the stain, do not scrub the area as this will cause damage to the fibre.

If you have a protein stain like vomit, blood or urine then mix up a small amount of wool wash diluted with warm water, then use a clean sponge (make sure its colourfast) gently dab the stain from the outer edge to the centre.

Finish this off using a clean sponge and a mix of 50 to 50 white vinegar and water, once again dabbing the stain not rubbing.

When you are satisfied with the result finish of by placing a dry white towel over the cleaned area and apply pressure this will help dry.


Fist Stage

  1. Your rug will be inspected for damage, defects, wear and any colour changes or permanent stains.
  2. The rug will be dusted by air to remove small particles.
  3. A thorough vacuum is performed to remove hair, loose dirt and any other foreign fibres.
  4. Stain treatment and odour removal/reduction.
  5. Rotary Shampooing followed by fringe cleaning and detailing

Second Stage

The correct cleaning method will be used either
1. Steam cleaned (hot water extraction)
2. Fully immersed in a clean bath (tank washing)
3. Encapsulated (low moisture cleaning)

Third stage

  1. Dried in our purpose built drying room, hung up or dried flat.
  2. Vacuumed once more to remove any more loose particles and to lift the pile.
  3. Inspected once again and then groomed.
  4. A refreshing sanitiser or deodoriser is applied.
  5. Rug protection can be applied if requested.

The rug is rolled up and tied ready for you to pick up or us to deliver.

If you are going to roll up your rugs and store them it’s a good idea to have them cleaned before you do so, this will eliminate finding moths or mould growing from bacteria in your rug from hot humid conditions.