Types of Rugs Cleaned

At rug cleaning Sydney we provide the correct care and cleaning procedures for every type of rug. Having the expertise in rug identification makes sure you rug will be cleaned accordingly and to help you identify your rug we have put together a list and description of various rugs.

Persian Rugs

Karaja,Veramin, Qum, Nain, Lillihan, Isfahan, Joshaghan, Hamadan. Bijar, Heriz, Tabriz, Sarouk, Nain, Kerman, Ahar, Senneh and Meshed.
Being ancestors of Iranians the Persians were masters of making classic oriental rugs and still today Persian rugs account for almost one third of all handwoven rugs produced in the world.
The majority of persian rugs are made from wool, but some are made from cotton as well. Persian rug design may vary from one region of the country to others.
Some persian rugs are made from silk with are very expensive and often used as wall art.

Tribal Rugs

Gabbeh, Bakhtiari, Turkoman,Afshar, Shiraz and Baluchi
A Tribal rug refers to Oriental rugs the are made in various regions of central and southwest Asia and states such as Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Turkenistan and Kazakhstan.
These rugs are hand made from hand spun wool in a way that has been used and maintained for many centuries.
Tribal rugs have a lower knot count with traditional Muslim art.

Wilton Rugs

Wilton rugs are made in Wiltshire in England and are machine woven, they have been producing them from the 1700’s
A Wilton rug comes in a wide range of colours and designs and with the correct care can last well over 30 years, they are ideal for rooms with high traffic.
A popular design features floral and leaf patterns around the border of the rug.

Chinese Rugs

Chinese rugs are very distinctive from other rugs made different regions of Asia.
Chinese rugs made after 1925 have a heavy thick pile and the quality can vary significantly and either use chrome or vegetable based dyes that tend to hold their colour well.

Flokati Rugs

Flokati rugs are handmade shag made from wool mainly from southeast, eastern and central europe.The whole rug is made completely from wool including the backing.
Some are handmade up in the mountains of Greece and highly desirable

Lamontage Rugs

Lamontage rugs construction consists of acrylic and polester fibbers that are intricately cut, layer and blended by hand and mechanically interlocked with a needle punch.
Typical styles have cut outs and dimensional designs the material has a similar texture to felt and are made from a synthetic fiber.
These rugs are day to clean and durable enough to with stand heavy traffic and can be used both indoor and out door.

Machine Woven

Axminster, Wilton, Chenille, Karastan and hand tufted
Machine woven rugs are made in factories and mass produced, modern woven rugs feature an array of designs and have a softer feel to them.
The main advantage of these rugs is the cost and is a popular choice for people with pets and children.


Sisal rugs are made from natural plant fibers which are stiff from the Agave plant farmed in tropical regions, it has a natural look with tight fibers.
They are very durable and have a modern look, but are very difficult to clean often shrinking and some times changing green in colour.

Navajo Rugs

These rugs are primarily made form wool from the merino sheep by the Dine people in Americas South West.who began making the rugs in the late 1930’s.

Needlepoint Rugs

The needlepoint rug makes for a wonderful wall decoration as well as the floor.
Hand manufactured makes it easy to have the most elaborate and detailed patterns.
These rugs are made to last.

Hand Hooked Rugs

Hand hooked rugs have become very popular in the recent years, due to the ease of care and durability.
They are often used in high traffic areas of homes, the rug features a thin pile and stiff looped construction.

Karastan Rugs

Karastan rugs are an authentic reproduction of classic oriental rugs that have been made in Persia and other countries of south west Asia.These rugs are machine made but compare very much to hand made oriental rugs..

Kashmir Chainstitch

The Kashmir rug originates in the Kashmir region of north India, Pakistan and southwest China.The Kashmir rugs are made completely by hand and some are made with silk yarn that is expensive.